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Frank Gallo & Son Florist is one of the premier wedding florists in the area.  We offer gorgeous wedding and event flower packages, including venue set-up. Our floral packages are absolutely gorgeous. Floral packages can be custom designed and tailored to any budget.  Prospective brides and grooms in the area can request a FREE wedding consultation. We offer gorgeous wedding flowers for every season. No matter what time of year you schedule your big day, we’ll have the perfect blooms for you!

Flowers are an integral part of any wedding. The right flowers can set the tone for your big day and make it unforgettable. Floral arrangements can enhance the beauty of the wedding venue, while also providing a memorable keepsake for guests to take home after their special day. When you come in for a wedding consultation, we will help you pick out the perfect wedding flower package. Flowers are such an important part of the wedding. It’s important to choose a florist who knows how to create gorgeous floral arrangements that reflect your style and taste. At Frank Gallo & Son Florist, we take pride in creating luxurious and upscale wedding flowers that reflect our clients’ unique personalities and tastes.



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Frank Gallo Wedding Flowers
Frank Gallo Wedding Flowers




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